August 31, 2014

Coffee In Hand….


I’ve been working on some doodles for my doodle directory series.  Since the squares are small, it was a good size to try a stacking coffee cup illustration.

Grabbed my 8 x 8 square watercolor pad….and proceeded to draw the cups on a larger scale.


Since, I’m not very practiced in drawing inanimate objects…. I had to believe in myself!

Then I tried to bring in a paisley-bandana look to the cups.

For the art journal page, I thought I’d illustrate the journaling on a picture behind the cups.

Buffed up the letters…..


Then filled the lettering in…..Came across this saying a few years ago and I liked it!!!

August 14, 2014

Block Letters….L and N


Continuing on with my Block Letter Series…’s the L all scanned and stark. 


Once scanned, I can digitally color the doodle in. 


Changing the color scheme is easy and a good way to test out color choices. But….


But,…I am so limited digitally.  The digital letter lacks lots of the smaller details that can be brought in manually.  Could be,…. I ‘m just not using the right tools.


With hand drawing, I can get into all those nooks and crannies…lay more detail down.  It’s more spontaneous. 


I’ll give it a thumbs up for vibrancy.  I find my digital doodling a bit inferior to my hand doodling. 


But it’s nice to have options Smile

August 5, 2014


Since I’m following a few yogi’s on instagram. 

This inspired me to draw a couple.  (@beachyogagirl and @melaniethue)

The fun part was dressing them up!

And decorating their surroundings!

Used markers on the girl in red, and watercolor for the pants on the blue girl, the skin on both girls, and their hair.


Fun, Fun drawing! 

Namaste Smile

August 4, 2014



Even though I haven’t been posting much here….I’m still infatuated with color!!


So, I started on more Doodles for my Doodle Directory prints.


My 5 x 8 moleskines are perfect for sectioning off 8 squares and then taking this with me anywhere.

Since I’m still pretty unsure of myself with watercolors…..


A small floral project wasn’t too intimidating.


Seeing so many interesting people doing yoga over on instagram these days…..this inspired me to sketch this pose from @day1yoga….(I really wanted to do a graphite sketch, but unfortunately I didn’t have all my graphite pencils or my blending stumps!)


So….I adapted.


And since I was adapting, I might as well play some too!!  Here Life is Imitating Art!!  Haha Smile


And, since I’m into bracelets too, I scored this hamsa bracelet at 65% off recently!!  Thought it went well with my drawing Smile


Even doodled a bit in my baby moleskine (3 x 5).

Well, there you have it!  Although small….they each served a purpose!! Anyone else leaning toward smaller projects these days?

July 14, 2014

Alphabet Series…..Going Digital


I started my Block Alphabet Series last month in my 5x8 watercolor moleskine.

I was asked over 2 years ago to draw my “art” digitally.  And I fought it!!  You see… I enjoy the hand coloring process with my portable projects.  There are times I don’t know how a drawing will go until I put pen to paper and play.


I guess I was finally ready to give it a go!! Cuz last week when I finished my Block Letter N, I scanned and opened up photoshop and proceeded to colored it in.


After I completed the N in Green, I changed the background to Red.


Then from Red, I tried Blue.

I thought they turned out pretty cool!!  I like that each letter is bold enough with whatever color I chose.  This is good!!


Then…it’s was “C’s” turn…


Scanned and colored here!  Digitally I have an infinite number of color choices and that can drive me a little mad!!  I need limits!  So, I just picked my basic colors and used a lighter or darker version of each….thus creating a limited palette.


Completed a Black/White Alphabet series a few years ago.  Pulled in my A-D jpeg….


Cropped and Colored in the A.  There is so much flexibility digitally.  It lends itself to many more uses that is for sure!!

So, what do you guys think?  Do you like these done digitally?  Which N is your favorite?  Do you draw digitally?

July 2, 2014

Hamsa Hand


Here is a very quick whimsey drawing of a Hamsa. 


Broke away from my “color inside the lines” tendency on the bottom here and started to color first then outline.  Makes for a more intricate design albeit not so symmetrical.


Didn’t know about Hamsa’s until recently.  Had to look it up and here is what I found.


The hamsa is a popular apotropaic (intended to ward off evil) talisman for magical protection against the evil eye, and is one of the most popular amulets for good luck and prosperity…..Interesting….who knew?

June 19, 2014

Cherokee Chief


Keeping with my recent colorful drawings, It was time to whimsey-fy a guy. 

I just purchased some HOT PRESS watercolor paper (very smooth) because I’ve been unhappy with my sketching  when using COLD PRESS paper.  Cold Press paper is not smooth, it’s toothy, and the unevenness of the paper becomes very apparent when I sketch on it.


Since I was drawing a dude, I had to bring in some color to make this worth my while.  What is more colorful than an Indian Headdress?  Ahh, and the possibilities to add colorful variety are endless!!

After the beading portion of the headdress, I did my form of the feather look, starting with blue.


Then yellow…..not much creativity going on here other than lots of stripes.


Pretty colorful now! …..the plan


Here are the two Indians that I mixed together. 
Found on Pinterest.

Finished and Fun Smile


I seem to be getting a little less reserved as I progress with these color-sketch-marker combo drawings! Haha
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