July 14, 2014

Alphabet Series…..Going Digital


I started my Block Alphabet Series last month in my 5x8 watercolor moleskine.

I was asked over 2 years ago to draw my “art” digitally.  And I fought it!!  You see… I enjoy the hand coloring process with my portable projects.  There are times I don’t know how a drawing will go until I put pen to paper and play.


I guess I was finally ready to give it a go!! Cuz last week when I finished my Block Letter N, I scanned and opened up photoshop and proceeded to colored it in.


After I completed the N in Green, I changed the background to Red.


Then from Red, I tried Blue.

I thought they turned out pretty cool!!  I like that each letter is bold enough with whatever color I chose.  This is good!!


Then…it’s was “C’s” turn…


Scanned and colored here!  Digitally I have an infinite number of color choices and that can drive me a little mad!!  I need limits!  So, I just picked my basic colors and used a lighter or darker version of each….thus creating a limited palette.


Completed a Black/White Alphabet series a few years ago.  Pulled in my A-D jpeg….


Cropped and Colored in the A.  There is so much flexibility digitally.  It lends itself to many more uses that is for sure!!

So, what do you guys think?  Do you like these done digitally?  Which N is your favorite?  Do you draw digitally?

July 2, 2014

Hamsa Hand


Here is a very quick whimsey drawing of a Hamsa. 


Broke away from my “color inside the lines” tendency on the bottom here and started to color first then outline.  Makes for a more intricate design albeit not so symmetrical.


Didn’t know about Hamsa’s until recently.  Had to look it up and here is what I found.


The hamsa is a popular apotropaic (intended to ward off evil) talisman for magical protection against the evil eye, and is one of the most popular amulets for good luck and prosperity…..Interesting….who knew?

June 19, 2014

Cherokee Chief


Keeping with my recent colorful drawings, It was time to whimsey-fy a guy. 

I just purchased some HOT PRESS watercolor paper (very smooth) because I’ve been unhappy with my sketching  when using COLD PRESS paper.  Cold Press paper is not smooth, it’s toothy, and the unevenness of the paper becomes very apparent when I sketch on it.


Since I was drawing a dude, I had to bring in some color to make this worth my while.  What is more colorful than an Indian Headdress?  Ahh, and the possibilities to add colorful variety are endless!!

After the beading portion of the headdress, I did my form of the feather look, starting with blue.


Then yellow…..not much creativity going on here other than lots of stripes.


Pretty colorful now! …..the plan


Here are the two Indians that I mixed together. 
Found on Pinterest.

Finished and Fun Smile


I seem to be getting a little less reserved as I progress with these color-sketch-marker combo drawings! Haha

June 8, 2014

Block Letters…beginning


Since I’m re-grouping from my last major Art Project…the Ballerina, I pulled out my moleskine to doodle up some letters in Block Style.


I free-handed the letters and made the letter the negative space.


Can’t go wrong with b/w stripes as dividers for the colors.


Next the B….which is anything but boring!


Did a Mandela look with my compass, then added swirlies on top.


Kept the circles white, kinda looks like bubbles.


I am out-of-sequence here cuz this isn’t a “C”. 


If I were to do the “E” again, I’d keep the left vertical line straight…not sure if I like the curvy E.

May 28, 2014

Ballerina Babe


I think referring to this piece as a Baby is appropriate.  She sure demanded a lot of me.  She’s over six months old now and just starting to gain some independence and show some of her own personality.  Thank Goodness! 


Roughed in the ballerina with a watercolor wash.  Things look pretty chunky here.

I stuck with watercolor and w/c pencils for the shoes.


I had to tone down the ladies orangey-ness.  (It seems she likes carrots!! Haha)

I didn’t touch this piece throughout February and most of March.  I finally realized I couldn’t avoid the hair any longer if I wanted this finished.  Studied up a bit on hair rendering.  Apparently, I need to pick at least 4 colors, one highlight, one low-light and the rest in between.  I am to make each strand go in the direction that it lays.  With the highlight areas, I just left the white alone.


Don’t judge me too hard, I still have lots to learn.  But at least it’s passable.  Meaning…..you know that it’s hair.

As is my habit, I brought in my fine-point microns to finish the job. When I go over the colored pencil, the tip of the markers take up some of that wax……time is spent squiggling that wax off as seen here.


With my skill level…this is as good as it’s going to get.  So I deemed her done.  Off to the frame shop. 

Couldn’t capture the same light cuz I wasn’t up early enough. (Pic on left from Dec, Pic on right from Today)

Lessons learned:
  • Be careful with the amount of water used for the paper type.  I’ve since found some other sturdier w/c illustration board that I want to try next.
  • It’s ok to pop your colors….I preferred the ballet slippers brighter, but realistically the first color was more accurate.  Yea, for creative license!!
  • Bring in the colored pencils after the watercolor work is done. No one wants to go over colored pencils with watercolor…trust me!
  • Don’t expect perfection.

photo (1)

And the image that started this….found her on instagram.…check out user @infinitylove231

May 21, 2014

Wild Hair

Staying consistent with the Sunglass Series…..I had a wild hare to doodle up some hair.

I found the picture of this woman on pinterest and I let my freak flag fly with the hair here.

I started out using watercolors.

But I had to give them up because I couldn’t coordinate the colors as well with w/c as I can with markers.

Just pretend you can’t see the ear….totally botched it.

Besides that though……I like how she turned out.  Colorful and Crazy!! Haha

May 6, 2014

Portable Project in Paisley

I’ve been enjoying my Sunglass Series where I can color pencil the people and marker doodle on something they are wearing. When I spotted this woman wearing her hat I thought I’d draw her next.  That wonderful hat gave me a lot of space for doodling.

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach this.  At first I thought of doing black and white doodles in the hat with the hat-band and the suit in color.

But then I changed my mind.

I didn’t want the band to compete with the hat, so black/white stripes worked well.

Since the underside of the hat doesn’t get as much light, I applied a light brown-gray in watercolor.

This skin took more time than I thought it should, but there are a lot of little variations to the colors thru the neck and the bust that I didn’t realize until I tried to sketch it.

If I would use smooth paper then we wouldn’t see all that grain coming thru the colored pencil portions.  But I like watercolor paper cuz it’s thick and can take all kinds of abuse!
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